Chem-Dry Offers Professional Results

I’d like to thank you for the wonderful and convenient service you have provided to my clients as Chem-Dry, LLC. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me, all the hassle-free services, the competitive prices, and the unbeatable customer service. In particular, I’m very grateful for the personal attention you’ve given to me and my family, especially our little ones. You’ve made living in our busy environment so much easier for us all.”

ChemDry of Bloomington

-DEAD certified pharmacist, owner, Chem-Dry Cleaning & Restoration. “It’s great to know you’ve chosen to come to Monroe County. Having a cleaning service near you is a great idea. I think everyone should try what they can to help relieve stress. Whether that is sitting in a chair or just cleaning house, it makes life a little bit easier!”

-Local carpet cleaners chem-dry of Bloomington gives away their patented green cleaning formula. Customers enjoy free shipping. “We give away our products because it works and people are seeing the results,” says Karen. “When people see the green carpet, it makes them want to come back and buy more from us because they know we’re providing a better quality product than anyone else in town.”

-Online chem-dry of Bloomington/ Monroe county carpet cleaners offers their customer’s free shipping. “We do not take long trips to do business with our customers, and shipping saves our guys a lot of time. When they have to go get the chemicals, it’s a matter of an hour or less than that. We make sure the chemicals we use are approved for the carpet we will be removing, and if they are not, they are replaced.”

-Plush sofa and loveseat cleaners. “We offer upholstery cleaning in Bloomington/ Monroe County and will ship any needed supplies,” says Karen. Chem-Dry also cleans tile floors and will do pet urine and grout cleaning as well.

Chem-Dry also does in home pet odor and stain removal. Pets are notorious for leaving behind their own bad habits. Our cats like to pee on the furniture. Our dog prefers to smell our carpets from a distance, so we had to buy a carpet shampoo that keeps his scent away. Our dogs like to eat on our new tiled floor, so we bought a vacuum cleaner that has a rotating brush on the back to keep the dog off the carpets. Now, our carpets are sparkling and our house is smelling fresh.

Chem-Dry offers carpet cleaning in Bloomington/ Monroe County, along with a variety of commercial and residential products. They have a great website with step by step instructions for installation and maintenance, and a place for you to contact them for more information. To better serve our customers, chem-dry carries a large selection of commercial products for stain removal and carpet cleaning in Bloomington/ Monroe County, including a full line of applicators, floor buffers, dry chemicals, and odor removers.

The chemicals used to clean our carpet is not only irritating to us, it is also a health risk to our pets. With the growth of pet ownership in our area, it is important for us to be as informed as possible on what chemicals we are using and how much exposure to them. Chem-Dry offers a full line of carpet cleaning products including carpet shampooers, dry chemicals, steam cleaners, carpet stains removers, absorbent mats, upholstery brushes, and more. We recommend that you shop around, read the description and instructions, and ask questions before using any product.

Chem-Dry offers both truck mount and portable dry chemicals. Portable dry chemicals are ideal for use when we are mobile or have long hours away from home, but prefer a carpet cleaning system that can be transported with ease and care. With a truck mount carpet cleaner, Chem-Dry can offer convenience of use and portability without the need of moving our carpeting, or having to rent a machine. Portable dry chemicals use hot water pressure to release a strong foam carpet cleaning solution, which is then left to penetrate the fibers of your carpet.

If you live in an apartment, condo, or home, there are a variety of carpet cleaning options for you. Chem-Dry has a line of residential carpet cleaners including steam cleaners, carpet blowers, and vacuum cleaners. We also have a variety of commercial cleaning products for apartments, condos, and mobile homes, including a full line of stain removal chemicals and specialty chemicals.

The above products are the most commonly used in the Bloomington area. If you have concerns about using these chemicals, or other products, our sales representative can assist you in choosing the right products for your situation. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the best product, with the highest quality and effectiveness. So if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at anytime. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will be glad to address any concerns you may have.